When you’re getting ready to have a website built for your business you’re gonna need domain name to get started, this will be how people get to your website on the world wide web. When choosing a domain name make sure its not long and it lines up with your brand. The most popular and common are .com, .org., and .tv to name a few.Domain Names
Web hosting allows your website to be pulled up on the internet from anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection. The kind of web hosting you choose will depend on the needs of your website. If you’re planning have a lot of web traffic a dedicated server will suit you best. If your traffic will not be over 4000 visitors a month consider our ultimate web hosting plan. It comes with a free SSL certificate which is used to encrypt sensitive information on your website.Web Hosting
SSL Security Certificates have become the standard in protecting customer information online. If you’re collecting sensitive information from your customers (SSL, credit card information, phone numbers, addresses) it’s a smart investment to equip your website with one of our SSL certificates. If you want to protect more than one domain name in your Boppeshoppe.com account try our UCC SSL certificate.SSL Certificates
If you have a team or you’re in business for yourself it makes sense to have a business class email, why? Branding. When you give out your business cards it’s a smart idea to have your business url on your business card e.g. info@yourdomain.com. Our email stops spam in its tracks and we enable you to grab your email anywhere. From mobile devices to desktops and everything in between  our email is dedicated to keeping your business running.Business Class Email
Our email marketing software is designed to help you get the word out with lightning speed to your customers. We have an easy to use system that allows you to import your email contacts. We have over 150 designs you can customize to fit your needs. As an added bonus we’ve included a survey builder you can use to gather valuable data from your end users. If you want to broadcast something to your social media channels we also have a tool that makes that task simple. Whether your subscriber base is 100 or 10,000 we can help you streamline your email marketing campaign at a reasonable price.Email Marketing
If you’re a hands on kind of person and want to build your own online store consider our quick shopping cart. We have over 1,000 designs and color combos to choose from. Adding your products are simple and our platform integrates with many payment gateways seamlessly. Our platform is optimized for mobile devices so you can reach your customers on the go. From setting up your product details to categories we trip the learning curve so setting up your online store is a snap.Quick Shopping Cart
A merchant account enables you to accept credit cards online, whether you’re selling a service or product you need a solid merchant account to help you carry out your online business transactions. Our fees are low and deposits are fast so you get your money promptly. We’ve partnered with some of the world’s largest payment processors to equip you with the best streamlined payment process. Payments all take place on your website so you never have to worry about your clients being taken away from your site. We have expert help on hand twenty four hours a day seven days a week three hundred and sixty five days a year so if you ever have questions give us a call.Merchant Account
Do you need a platform that enables you to build a website with no coding skills? We’ve don’t the work for you and built the tools from the ground up to give you a user friendly experience building a website that encompasses some of your creative wellbeing. Our intuitive templates, navigation, and drag and drop functionality enable you to have your website up and running in no time. Our build a website software is mobile friendly, enable you to add your favorite social media channels, and comes with free web hosting with 99.9% uptime no lie.Build A Website
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