Our .Com’s start at $8.50 a year and our .Org’s start at $9.73

We make owning your domain name faster, easier, and private. Features include domain locking, total dns control, auto renew protection, status alerts and more.

The following features come with your domain name when you purchase from boppeshoppe.com


Domain Forwarding and Masking

With Boppeshoppe’s Masking and Domain Forwarding we enable you to direct any domain name to your own website. If someone types in a domain name that belongs to you they will be redirected to your website.

Domain Locking

Our domain locking features prevents accidental or intentional transfers of domain ownership and stops potential malicious users from redirecting your name servers.

Total DNS Control

With our total DNS Control we enable you to manage your domain nameservers (DNS) records, sub-domains, FTP, and website location all from a user friendly control panel.

Change Of Registration

If there is a need for you to assign your domain to another party or change the contact for your domain we enable you to do this with ease. For domain there is a fee.

Status Alerts

This cool tool sends you alerts if there has been a change and allows you to monitor your domain.

Auto Renew Protection

With our auto renew protection you no longer have to worry about remembering to renew your domain name, web hosting, email marketing, and other products. We’ll send you a reminder in advance leading up to your renewal so your products remain in your name and under your possession.

Private Registration

Our private registration feature keeps your personal information hidden from busy eyes, protecting you from potential scams, spam and worse.

Domain Transfers

Transferring your domains to Boppeshoppe.com is automated, fast, and risk free. We enable you to keep the time remaining on your registration and give you a 1-year extension at no extra charge.
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