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New Year New Web Host Try

Now is the time of year when businesses are starting and renewing and its a busy time of year. If you’re starting a new business one of the first things you’ll want to secure is your domain name web hosting for the website you’re going to have built. There are two ways you can approach securing your website, one is seeing the name of your business is available or two adding a keyword that is used to find your business or service into your domain name. The first way is probably chosen over the second because who wouldn’t want their business name as a domain right? Once you have your website built you’ll want to consider search engine optimization services which was designed to help specific traffic looking for your service.  Domain names at boppeshoppe are  affordable and will run you about $11 dollars per year. When you secure a new domain name with us you can either pay yearly or a couple of years in advance since our prices are very reasonable.

When it comes to your web hosting you’ll want to determine your needs first. Boppeshoppe recommends shared web hosting to start with because the cost for a server is shared. If you’re going to be creating an ecommerce store you may want to consider a dedicated server. In today’s multi-billion dollar industry that is Ecommerce one thing that is used a lot is bandwidth and you can’t afford to share that if you have a lot of traffic going to your website. Some people may recall some store websites going down during black friday last year and we bet some of that happened because of bandwidth usage. If you have $100,000 people all at the same time visiting a site and shopping, bandwidth will be put to the test, boppeshoppe servers can handle that 24/7

If you’re not expecting a lot of traffic a shared web hosting plan will suit you better than a dedicated or virtual server. Boppeshoppe’s web hosting plans start at $5.99 a month and come with a variety of options. They come with a unlimited bandwidth and 100GB of space, what does that mean? You’ll have plenty of space to store stuff online should you want to use your web hosting as cloud storage : ) If you have any further questions feel free to email us or give us a call today. Click on the Login tab up top to begin.

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