Consider Web Hosting And A Domain Name When Starting Your Business

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Consider Web Hosting And A Domain Name When Starting Your Business

When you decide to start your business or organization you should consider getting a Domain name and Web Hosting That fits your needs. If you’re looking to build an E-Commerce store and you’re expecting to have a considerable amount of traffic without crashing your website it would be a good idea to invest in a Dedicated Server plan or Virtual Private Servers . If you’re expecting traffic but not swaths of people coming to your website a regular web hosting plan (Shared Hosting) will meet and exceed your needs and is pretty cost efficient here at

Choosing a domain name that is as short as possible and resembles what you want is important. The last thing you want is your client having to remember a long domain let alone type all of it out. One approach you can consider when choosing your domain name is having a keyword you want to be tied to. An example might be your business is flowers or making cakes. If you look at the keyword “flower shop”  you’ll see by the following image they keyword brings in considerable traffic per month. If your name was “Cadessa” or you just liked that name you might consider flower-shop-boppeshoppe-web-hosting

The goal of having the keyword in the domain name is for SEO purposes. You want people to find your website all ways possible so consider it leaving not rock un-turned. When you write blog posts you want to own the domain name, what I mean is when someone types in that domain name you want your website to come up in the search results. This is how people find your website and the invaluable concept continues to make companies both big and small billions.

If you decide to go with shared web hosting we have a pretty simple setup and if you need help setting things up we’re a call away 24/7 365. Shared hosting works better for people who expect traffic and also want to share the cost of a server. Renting your own server does require a heavier investment but has it’s benefits so choosing one of our regular hosting (shared hosting) plans may be what you need. At boppeshoppe we’re here to meet your needs not sell you something you don’t need so we keep that in mind with the business products we offer.  We wish you the best on your business endeavors and if you have any questions msg us here or on our facebook page (Here)

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